UPDATE: Due to no indication of radiation, contamination or chemicals above background levels where odors were reported this morning near the Reduction Oxidation (REDOX) facility, the earlier take cover has been lifted for most personnel in the 200 West Area. Personnel in the immediate vicinity of the REDOX facility and the adjacent 222-S Laboratory will remain in a precautionary take cover while additional surveys are conducted. The 200 West Area is located near the center of the Hanford Site.

The U.S. Department of Energy is currently monitoring an event that is occurring on the Hanford Site near the Reduction Oxidation (REDOX) facility in the 200 West Area, which is located near the center of the site. Work crews near the facility smelled odors while working in the area. The Hanford Fire Department has responded to the scene. No radiation, contamination or chemicals have been detected above background levels.

As a precaution, personnel in the 200 West Area have been directed to go indoors, and access to the Hanford Site has been restricted. No actions are necessary for the public.

Go to www.hanford.gov and click on the “Hanford Information” banner for additional information as it is available.

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