Here Are 15 Awesome Attractions To Tour In Tri-Cities Washington

are you looking for a fun activity to do in Tri-Cities Washington with the family? We've compiled 15 awesome tours you can do in the Tri-Cities or near the Columbia Basin. 


Hanford's Reactor B In Richland Washington Is One Tour You Should Go On

It's surprising how many residents and visitors don't realize how many things are available to do in the Tri-Cities.

You've heard the kids say "I'm bored".

How Many Of These Places Have You Been In Tri-Cities Washington?

Well, from historical landmarks to newly-built attractions, tours offer something that everyone in your family can enjoy – engaging stories about the area’s history, first-hand accounts from locals, and exciting new sights.

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So ditch the iPads this weekend and come along with us on an adventure through town; let us show you just how much fun taking a tour can be - We've compiled 15 tours near and in the Tri-Cities, for you to check out - We've also added a link to each of these attractions website for easy access.

15 Awesome Places You’ll Want To Tour in Tri-Cities Washington

If you are visiting Tri-Cities Washington, here are fifteen places you must tour on your next visit.

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals

The next time the kids say they are bored or if you are looking for activities for your out-of-town visitors, here are 15 tours that you can check and enjoy here in the Tri-Cities Washington area.

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needing a road trip on the cheap? Here are seven roadside attractions near the Tri-Cities that are free to check out.

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