There is a meme making the rounds on social media. It points the finger at a particular type of advertiser that's been doing the same gimmick for years. The meme reads, "Ah yes, it's the time of year where people in commercials buy cars without telling their significant others like complete psychopaths." It got me wondering about secrets around the holidays. Mainly of the financial kind. I asked Yakima, "what type of purchases did they keep secret from their partners?" My jaw dropped at some of the responses.

"I got my new fiancé a puppy to help jump-start our new family. She was thrilled since she wasn't allowed a pet growing up. It turns out she's allergic. We kept the dog and probably should have bought stock in Claritin" – Greg N.

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"Everybody buys something for themselves for Christmas, so why shouldn't I? I was able to keep it a secret from my wife until Christmas morning when I had to justify Santa bringing a $900 for a Playstation 5." – Dallas Bri

I got many messages via the Station App that mirrored Dallas's purchase. Expensive gaming gear, systems, computers, televisions, etc. I get that. I've been guilty of that in the past. Luckily for me, my wife has enjoyed the purchases as much as I did (when it comes to the TV, I'd wager even more. One comment I received from the secret purchase question is straight from those commercials that have been memed.

"I did the joke. I bought a car without talking to my wife. It was for our daughter, and we had talked about it, but I went ahead and bit the bullet and got it just before Christmas. I think she was mad. At least until the car keys were opened and she saw my daughter's face. Great dad feeling. We didn't talk much about it, so I'm just going to assume things are good. Lol." – Jeff C.

The biggest takeaway from this impromptu audience survey was that I didn't receive any messages from the female audience. They're out there, I know. So, either women don't do the "keeping of secret shopping trips," or they're much better at it than men. I'm sure it's the latter.

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