A 61-year-old Yakima man has been arrested on a charge of 2nd Degree Rape after an alleged incident 15-years-ago. Yakima Police issued a news release saying they wanted to highlight the case to serve as "a reminder that sexual assault crimes can be reported many years after the incident has occurred"

Changes in state law mean people can be charged years after an incident

Yakima Police say survivors of sexual assault "should know that in recent years, changes in Washington State law have extended, and in some circumstances removed the statute of limitations (the time prosecutors have to file the charges)."

A Yakima man is now behind bars facing charges

Police say following a recent investigation they found the alleged rape happened 15-years-ago when the victim was a minor. As a result authorities arrested 61-year-old Robert Breshears on Tuesday. He's being held in the Yakima County Jail. No other information has been released.

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