A woman is in trouble after breaking into a Sheriff's Office Building.

Sheriffs' Deputies in nearby Grant County say that 49-year-old Kristie Reynolds, from Quincy, was arrested after she was found breaking into and burglarizing the sheriff’s evidence storage building. Grant County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer, Kyle Forman, stated that Reynolds cut a hole in the chain link fence, which triggered an intrusion alarm.

A woman broke into a Grant County evidence building (Photo: GCSO)
A woman broke into a Grant County evidence building
(Photo: GCSO)

Deputies and area law enforcement responded to the alarm at the evidence storage building and discovered the suspect and her car parked outside the structure.

“It’s odd that someone would try to break into a building that is so well protected by locks, sensors, cameras, and alarms. This burglar was so careless that she even parked her car outside the building,” said Forman.

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According to Forman and the Sheriff's Office, Reynolds was logged into the Grant County Jail for investigation of second-degree burglary and for making or possessing burglary tools.

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