The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has unveiled a draft plan aimed at bolstering greater sage-grouse conservation and management on public lands within Washington state. This comprehensive strategy, shaped by rigorous scientific research and input from a broad spectrum of stakeholders including local communities, state agencies, and Tribal partners, signals a concerted effort to address the challenges confronting this emblematic species within the state's borders.

Preservation of Sagebrush Habitat in Washington

Greater sage-grouse, heavily reliant on sagebrush lands for their life cycle requirements such as food, cover, and reproduction, face considerable habitat loss in Washington state. With local populations requiring up to 40 square miles of intact landscape to thrive, the dwindling numbers—now fewer than 800,000 from once robust populations—are largely attributed to habitat degradation exacerbated by climate change-induced factors like droughts, wildfires, and invasive species.

Washington's New Plan For Sage-Grouse Conservation
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Washington's New Plan For Sage-Grouse Conservation

BLM's Conservation Commitment

Managing a significant portion of sage-grouse habitat within Washington state, the BLM is committed to safeguarding and restoring sagebrush habitats across approximately 67 million acres of public lands. These endeavors are not only vital for the sustenance of greater sage-grouse populations but also for maintaining ecological equilibrium and supporting the diverse array of wildlife species reliant on these habitats, including mule deer, pronghorn, and the pygmy rabbit.

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Director's Call for Collaborative Efforts

Tracy Stone-Manning, Director of the BLM, stressed the significance of collaborative endeavors in conserving sagebrush ecosystems. "The majesty of the West and its way of life are at stake," remarked Stone-Manning. "Sagebrush lands serve as the backdrop where people work and play, and they also serve as the headwaters for the West’s major rivers."

Washington's New Plan For Sage-Grouse Conservation
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attachment-Washington's New Plan For Sage-Grouse Conservation

Engagement Opportunities and Management Alternatives

The draft plan presents a spectrum of alternatives for the sustainable management of sagebrush lands within Washington state. Drawing upon successful components of previous conservation plans, the proposal integrates new scientific insights and aims to enhance flexibility in implementation while addressing state-specific conditions and policies.

Upcoming Public Consultations

To solicit feedback and address inquiries regarding the draft alternatives and analysis, the BLM will convene 13 public meetings. Details about these sessions will be made available on the main page of the BLM website.

Washington's New Plan For Sage-Grouse Conservation
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Washington's New Plan For Sage-Grouse Conservation

Investments in Sagebrush Ecosystems

Aligned with the Biden Administration's commitment to conservation, the BLM is actively investing in sagebrush habitat restoration and conservation projects across Washington state. These investments, totaling millions of dollars, are supplemented by federal appropriations and contributions from various stakeholders, including state and local governments, Tribal entities, and private landowners.

Invitation for Public Commentary

The draft environmental impact statement and plan amendments will be open for public comment from March 15 to June 13, 2024. Interested parties are encouraged to participate in the public comment process, with detailed information available on the BLM website

Anticipated Progress

A final environmental impact statement is expected in the fall, followed by Records of Decision tailored to Washington state. The BLM remains steadfast in its commitment to collaborating with stakeholders to ensure the vitality and sustainability of sagebrush ecosystems within the state.

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