Do People Put Toilet Paper In The Fridge? How It Works In Washington State

Have you ever heard of anyone putting toilet paper in the fridge?

(Photo Credit: Jupiter Images)
(Photo Credit: Jupiter Images)

Here's Why You Sometimes See Toilet Paper In The Fridge In Washington State

Ok, you might be thinking it's something pandemic but it's owing to a new trend that started back in 2015 thanks to TikTok and Facebook. What seems like an odd thing to do has become widespread acceptance across Washington State over the last few years.

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Some swear by it, while others find the idea ridiculous but the #1 reason folks are stuffing toilet paper into their refrigerator is that it can be an odor-neutralizer.

I've never heard of this before so I did a little digging and thanks to, here's why toilet paper works in the freezer.

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When you put toilet paper in the fridge, it becomes cold and damp. As a result, it can absorb the odors in the air and neutralize them.

Some people may argue that putting toilet paper in the fridge doesn't work because it doesn't last long. While it's true that the toilet paper won't remain cold forever, it can still absorb odors for a short period.

If you're cleaning up after cooking, for example, toilet paper can be incredibly useful in getting rid of the smell of onions or garlic. Even if it doesn't work for long, it can make a big difference in the short term.

3. Thor Toilet Paper Holder

My foster mom always had these amazing home remedies and I'm wondering what she would've thought about that little trick back in the day.

Of course, there are many other ways to keep the smells out of the fridge like baking soda but if you need something quick, toilet paper seems to be one of the options.

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