Multiple Douglas County roads continue to be closed Thursday, but WSDOT hopes to have SR 17 reopened by later this evening.

On Wednesday, roads leading up to the Waterville Plateau were closed down after high wind conditions brought in drifting snow, leading to poor road visibility.

Areas north of US 2, east of Waterville, and south of SR 17 are closed, which includes McNeil Canyon Road, Bridgeport Hill Road, and a 14-mile portion of SR 172 between McNeil Canyon Road and Mansfield.

WSDOT rescued six people who were trapped in the snow on SR 172. 

Douglas County Undersheriff Tyler Caille said WSDOT hopes to reopen SR 172 sometime Thursday evening, after crews bring in a rotary snow blower to clear the road.

Detours currently available for those traveling between Wenatchee and Mansfield are to take US 97, or to take the open portions of US 2 and SR 17. 

US 2 will be busy due to the Village of Lights traffic in Leavenworth.

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