UPDATE: Snoqualmie Pass has been reopened

(Ellensburg, WA) -- Interstate 90 was closed off in both directions from just west of Ellensburg all the way over the Snoqualmie Pass to North Bend Tuesday due to severe winter driving conditions and several slide-offs. It's all due to a potent winter storm system that's dumping large amounts of snow onto the mountain passes. WSDOT says other passes have been affected by the storm as well. US Highway 2 is closed over Stevens Pass and the agency says some traffic is being moved to clear the area for avalanche control. Authorities are asking you to stay away from the area. Blewett Pass is closed as well. US Highway 12 over the White Pass is open, but authorities say they are requiring traction tires.

Oregon Not Spared

Interstate 84 was closed in both directions for much of Tuesday morning due several winter driving conditions. The roadway was closed off from Troutdale, just outside of Portland, all the way over to Hood River. ODOT says the freeway has since been reopened. On the Washington State side of things, Highway 14 was closed at similar points, but is now open.

Spokane Issues

Interstate 90 was at a stand-still on the Eastbound side for a good portion of the late morning from Four Lakes over to the exit for Spokane International Airport. WSDOT says many of the delays have been cleared up.

AAA: Prepare for Winter Weather Driving

AAA Washington State Spokesman Clay Ingram says vehicle breakdowns are common in below freezing conditions.  He advises to plan safely before leaving home, including checking tires, batteries and antifreeze levels.  Also, remember to pack an emergency kit with blankets, socks, tools, medicine, water, food and phone chargers.

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