(Salem, OR) -- It would change decades of precedent. A bill that would allow you to pump your own gas in Oregon has passed the state House with bipartisan support. On a vote of 47-10, HB 2426 will now head to the Oregon Senate for consideration. If passed their, it would head to the Governor's desk. The bill itself would not eliminate gas station attendants in the state, instead half of a stations pumps would still have to be full-service. Their would be no price difference for gasoline between full and self-service

This would be the first time since 1951, that customers of Oregon gas stations would be allowed to fill their own tanks on a statewide basis. Some rural areas of the state are allowed to have self-service and that would continue under this proposal. The bill that passed has wide bipartisan support, and has been spurred on by gas station owners, who say in this job market, have a hard time finding attendants. Only New Jersey has similar laws on the books that require mandatory full-service.

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