Pasco PD swore in it's newest officer this week and he gets a pass on needing a haircut.  The Department welcomed "Goose" to the fold!  "Goose" is Pasco PD's first ever Community K-9 officer.

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Pasco Police Facebook Page

At 20 weeks old, Goose has some learning to do regarding his new job, but according to Pasco PD's Facebook post, he will attend Mattox Dog Training Academy to help him prepare.

Goose's role will be to provide support for crime victims, engage with the community and offer goodwill.  Unlike other K-9 officers, Goose will not be assigned to one Police Officer in particular, instead his home will be the Pasco Police Department where he will interact with all officers, staff, and members of the community.

Once Goose makes it through his training he will begin his mission of helping those in the Community in need.  It was all made possible by a generous donation from Camp Doodle Woods and the Pasco Police Foundation.

Pasco Police Facebook Page
Pasco Police Facebook Page

Welcome to Pasco Goose and good luck as you begin your watch!

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