Oregon nurses sue over payroll theft (Getty)
Oregon nurses sue over payroll theft (Getty)

A class-action lawsuit filed by an Oregon nurse has already attracted at least 200 other medical workers who plan to join or already have. The suit is fast picking up steam.

  Oregon nurses claim new system underpays workers

The Oregon Nurses Association, or ONA, is the largest union representing nurses and related medical workers in the state.  A class-action lawsuit has been filed by an ONA member, claiming Providence St. Joseph Health, claiming they're using a faulty pay system that shortchanges workers. According to a statement released Monday by the ONA:

"In July, Providence switched to a new Genesis payroll system which systematically underpays nurses and other frontline health care workers. This has led to lost wages and benefits for nurses and frontline health care workers including but not limited to: unpaid hours; unpaid overtime; unpaid differentials; unpaid certification pay; and other lost hours and benefits. Individual impacts range from nurses missing a few dollars to workers missing entire paychecks. "

ONA members who are members of all 10 Providence bargaining units (for the union) have filed grievances over the issue.

 ONA says more than 90,000 tickets, or reports of issues, have been filed

ONA officials say they began pointing out issues some time ago, and at least 90K reports, or tickets, have been filed claiming some sort of payroll issue.

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The suit seeks a return to the previous payroll system, an audit of the Genesis system to find any and all shortfalls, and also the payment of damages to workers who suffered overdraft fees as well as penalties for late rent, credit card, or other payments caused by the shortfalls.


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