It’s time once again for the USDA’s Census of Agriculture.  Oregon farmers and ranchers are being reminded to participate in this twice a decade national survey.  Dave Losh with Oregon NASS says the state Department of Agriculture, USDA, lawmakers and many others use the data to push for or against programs that impact the sector.


“I think Oregon’s at 230+ different commodities being raised.  So, we really need to take a snapshot of that to see how the whole agriculture sector is doing, as well as find out what kind of changes there are to the people who are producing food and fiber for us.”


Losh noted a lot has changed in Oregon Ag since 2017.


“Last go around, we changed the questionnaire and we found a lot more women involved in agriculture than we had before.  So we’re looking to see how that plays out this go-around.  And also small farms, too; we know that so many of the farms - it’s over 80% - supplement the farm with off-farm income.”


Producers who sold at least $1,000 of ag products this year are asked to complete the Census.  The due date is February 6th.


And this year, the USDA is encouraging producers to participate On-line.


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