Kennewick City Hall (Google street view)
Kennewick City Hall (Google street view)

After a number of weeks of debate, the Kennewick City Council voted 5-2 to include a legislative prayer prior to regular council meetings.

   The subject has been brought up in the past

Councilman John Trumbo has introduced such a proposal in the past, as far back as 8 years. This time, it was re-introduced earlier this summer.

The council had planned to vote on the idea in July, but one council member was absent and had not been able to be a part of the discussion on the subject so it was delayed.

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Tuesday evening, august 16th the council approved the idea, according to KVEW-TV.

Several different options were discussed, including one by Council member Chuck Torelli to make it a silent prayer, but that was voted down.  Torelli and Jim Millbauer voted against the proposal, while Council members Bill McKay, Loren Anderson, Trumbo, Brad Beauchamp, and Mayor Pro-Tem Gritl Crawford voted in favor.

The prayer will be conducted prior to the beginning or at the beginning of the meetings.

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