On February 29, 2024, at approximately 16:53 hours, law enforcement received a dispatch regarding a recent shooting in the 200 block of E. Canyon Drive, Kennewick. Upon arrival, officers swiftly located a 13-year-old male with a gunshot wound. Immediate life-saving measures were initiated, and the juvenile was subsequently transported to a local hospital by Kennewick Medics. Unfortunately, the juvenile succumbed to his injuries overnight. 

Ongoing Investigation and Law Enforcement Response

In response to the incident, Kennewick PD Detectives executed a search warrant at the residence and are collaborating with the Benton County Prosecutor's Office on the ongoing investigation. Preliminary findings indicate the involvement of three juveniles, aged 13, 13, and 14. All parties have been identified and contacted by law enforcement; however, as of now, no arrests have been made. The comprehensive investigation will be submitted to the Prosecutor's Office for thorough examination. 

Coordination with Kennewick School District

The three juveniles implicated in the incident are enrolled at a Kennewick Middle School. Kennewick PD has coordinated efforts with the Kennewick School District to ensure the availability of resources for those affected by this tragic event. Emphasizing the importance of firearms safety, especially for gun owners, is paramount. Educating youth on responsible gun handling and implementing measures to prevent juvenile access to firearms are crucial steps. 

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Community Well-being and Call for Information

For the well-being of all communities, responsible gun ownership practices, including secure storage, are essential. Individuals possessing information about the incident are encouraged to contact the non-emergency number at 509-628-0333, referencing the provided case number: 24-015349. Anonymous tips can also be submitted online at www.kpdtips.com. 

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