According to information released Monday, February 27th, by the Kennewick Irrigation District, no rate increases are planned.

  District releases information for 2023

According to a new release from the District:

"Much like other utility companies, the cost of raw materials, increases in demand, changes in regulations, or certain maintenance projects can all contribute to increases in costs, which are then passed down to the consumer. However, the KID Board of Directors vision for 2023 was no rate increase for its ratepayers."

The District gave a brief history of the KID in its release, indicating how many acres are served by KID, as well as it's responsibilities.

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These include maintaining canals, replacing and repairing lines, pumps and other related equipment required for the delivery of water. However, despite increases for most irrigation districts and water suppliers, KID does not plan to raise rates.

According to the KID:

“The board understands the financial pressures that ratepayers are facing today and into 2023. To accomplish their vision, KID reviewed all expenditures, revenue sources, capital needs and investments to maximize the return on the assets of the district. Because of this, the board voted to not raise irrigation rates for 2023 at the December 6th meeting.” – Stuart Dezember, Comptroller/Treasurer for Kennewick Irrigation District. 

Water deliveries are expected to begin in late April, early May, preparations are already underway with maintenance and repairs for the 2023 season.

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