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What began as a domestic violence call in Richland led to a much larger investigation into a theft ring at construction sites.

  Richland officers respond to DV call Saturday

 Richland Police went to a home on Chad Court for a domestic violence court order violation. One suspect was arrested for the DV, another was taken into custody on outstanding warrants after he'd lied about his name. The location is just west of Leslie Road and south of Rachel Road.

However, one of the vehicles at the location was linked to several thefts from area construction sites. After further investigation, the second male-the one who lied about his name-was linked to between 30-40 thefts from these sites.

Many of them were not reported to police because only small amounts of tools or items were taken. After a search warrant was obtained, officers found a lot of evidence from multiple burglaries, and a third man at the location was also arrested in connection with the theft ring.

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The investigation continues. Richland Police and other law enforcement agencies urge anyone doing the building, especially at construction sites, to secure as much of their property as possible by locking it up inside storage that can't be easily moved.

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