Pasco Airport (google street view)
Pasco Airport (google street view)

There could be flights from Pasco Airport to Dallas-Fort Worth in the near future, according to news from the Airport.

  A federal grant will help Pasco elevate to get more flights

Buck Taft of the Pasco Airport said Wednesday a $750K Federal grant will help the facility expand to the necessary requirements to accommodate the new flights. Taft said in a news release:

"The U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded a Small Community Air Service Development grant to the Tri-Cities Airport (PSC). The $750,000 grant, announced today, will enable the airport to establish a minimum revenue guarantee fund and marketing program to recruit, initiate, and support new air service to Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport (DFW)."

The loan is part of what's called the Small Community Air Service Development Program and is designed to boost the infrastructure of smaller but growing facilities like Pasco.

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No specific timetable has been set for when these flights will begin. Currently Pasco is served by Delta, Alaska, Allegiant, Avelo, and aha! Airlines.


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