The Columbia River Drug Task Force (CRDTF) is using information from school resource officers in the Wenatchee and Leavenworth areas to bust suspected drug dealers selling to juvenile students. Investigators also say the dealers sometimes resort to social media to locate buyers.

CRDTF Chief Ryan Moody says leads in the investigation led officers to 22-year-old Blake Wallace of Wenatchee this week.

"Eventually were able to develop probable cause to arrest Wallace after observing him buying THC infused products and delivering them directly to juveniles for profit." Moody said.

Chief Moody says Wallace was using social media to advertise himself as a "Plug" or "go-to" guy for drugs in the region. The task force would like parents to be aware of this activity.

"The Columbia River Drug Task Force last year began receiving and collecting information from school resource officers, sources of adult drug dealers for bringing a variety of drugs to students in the Wenatchee and Leavenworth areas," Moody said. "The drugs that were being given and sold included marijuana infused items, nicotine, alcohol and fentanyl. With all that information, the Columbia River Drug Task Force made it a priority to identify, disrupt and arrest these dealers."

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