(Richland, WA) -- The Kadlec Foundation has announced they've received a $130,000 donation from the Kadlec Auxiliary to fund a 2-million dollar surgical robot purchase for the Richland hospital. The donation, which will ultimately end up with the Kadlec Project da Vinci Fund, will help buy the second such robot for the medical facility, which Kadlec says has helped hundreds of patients. The first robot came on line in 2012 and the hospital says since then, those undergoing procedures have experienced reduced pain and side effects, a dramatic decrease in complications and faster recovery times.

A Popular Robot

The robot is so popular with doctors and practitioners, Kadlec says the capacity with the machine is "maxed" and patients who could benefit from it are now waiting for necessary surgery because there's such a high demand. The Kadlec Auxiliary says they raised the needed money through sales in the Kadlec Gift Shop and other fundraising efforts.The check was presented to the foundation in a ceremony in the hospital's vineyard Friday morning.

The Hospital Says They Need Volunteers

The hospital says they are also looking for volunteers. The hospital has many opportunities for those with free time to come in and work in a variety of different fields. If you're interested in taking part in the volunteer effort, you can come into the hospital in Richland or email at tammy.giley@kadlec.org and fill out an application.

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