(Richland, WA) -- Officials with Kadlec and others raised a flag over the Richland hospital's campus Friday morning in an effort to raise awareness for organ donation. The flag, which will fly during the month of April, is meant to mark Organ Donation Awareness Month in hopes of getting more people to declare themselves organ donors.

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At a ceremony atop the Kadlec parking garage, Sue Bergin, who lost her son Mikhaill Stewart after being struck by a deer on his motorcycle in 2018, told the crowd she wanted to dispel myths about the organ donation process. She says we'll talk about cancer or diabetes, but "we don't talk about the one thing that can bring quality of life, and save lives, and that's organ donation."

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Other speakers at the event included Dr. Phani Kantamneni, who's the  medical director of Kadlec’s Intensive Care unit and Laurie Rost, Hospital Development Program Manager with LifeCenter Northwest.

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