The building on Miller Street, across from Pioneer Middle School is passed by hundreds of vehicles and pedestrians every day.  Many of those passing by may not realize the building constructed in Beaux-Arts style architecture in 1916 is a mausoleum.

Who's buried there?

The Home of Peace is the marbled,  final resting place for some of the prominent residents of the Wenatchee Valley's history including Alfred J. Olds, Louis Crollard, Grace Griggs, and Mayor James W. Ferguson, according to Wenatchee World.

In fact, over 200 people are interred here - you can see the records listed on FindAGrave. Over a generation of people have been placed in the mausoleum, whose last resident passed away in 1988.

Located at 850 S. Miller St., Wenatchee

Map of Home of Peace in Wenatchee

The mausoleum is closed to the public and all of the crypts are full but a YouTuber visited the grounds and offered a glimpse just past the gated entryway, and a little more around the property.


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