View from where the incident began, truck rolled down the hill (RPD)
View from where the incident began, truck rolled down the hill (RPD)

Richland Police say the driver was distracted.

A man rolls a truck 220 feet down a hill in Richland

Richland Police got a call from an area resident Tuesday evening around 10:30 PM, the caller reported seeing a full-size pickup roll down a hill in the area of Gala Lane and Pisa Drive. The location is in the Westcliffe area, just east of Badger Mountain Orchard.

  The picture was taken by RPD from where the incident began at the top of the hill.

The caller said they saw a full-size Honda truck 'barrel' roll down the hill.  On arrival, Richland officers found the man had not been drinking but was trapped inside.

RPD says the man was unfamiliar with the area and was trying to make a left turn on Queensgate, when he drove off the road, across a sidewalk, then onto an unpaved area. He apparently got too close to the edge of the hill, and his truck rolled over 220 feet down to the bottom.

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No mention of any injuries, but officers said the man was also talking on his cell phone while he was driving, which likely contributed to his mishap.

According to RPD:

"The driver was cited for operating a motor vehicle while operating a cellular device and wheels off the roadway."  

Fortunately, this did not turn out to be serious, at least as far as injuries go. The man was treated by Richland EMS for minor injuries after he was extracted from the truck.

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