Washington D.C. - The U.S. could get more clean energy through hydroelectric dams if a bill being proposed by Congressman Dan Newhouse passes.

Newhouse is co-sponsoring the bill with congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers.

"The main reason for this is to help the rest of he country realize what we know well in Washington, that hydroelectric dams and hydro power are an essential part of what a lot of peoples goals are today of having a clean energy portfolio," says Newhouse.

The "Hydropower Clean Energy Future Act" shows that the US has the capacity to grow hydropower production from 101 gigawatts to nearly 150 gigawatts in the next 30 years.

This would save the country $209 billion by avoiding greenhouse gas emissions.

This bill comes at the same time that Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson is proposing the removal of several dams across the snake river.

"Mike wants to improve the return of salmon to Idaho, and I understand that, and I think we can do that, but I think we can do that without destroying very important parts of our infrastructure here in the northwest."

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