The Washington State Patrol (WSP) is pleased to report no serious injuries or fatalities from increased traffic over Columbia Cup weekend.

WSP increased patrols on highways across the Mid-Columbia to remove drunk and aggressive drivers.

"We were using our aircraft over the weekend. And we also brought in extra troopers on motorcycles, as well as other troopers from Grandview, Yakima area to look for DUIs at night." WSP District 3 Trooper Chris Thorson said.

In the Tri-Cities area, troopers investigated 21 collisions, three of them involved drivers under the influence. Nine people were arrested.

Many drivers were cited for aggressive driving.

"We had vehicles as high as 115 miles an hour on Interstate 82. We had cars in the 90s and 100. So, a lot of aggressive driving." Trooper Thorson said.

Trooper Thorson says, he alone, pulled over three drivers in a row for traveling at least 30 miles over the speed limit.

"We put out a press memo. We had recorded videos for our social media accounts, telling people that we're going to be out in full force and enforcing traffic laws. So, none of this should have come as a surprise."

Trooper Thorson did get a reading of 350 miles per hour on his speed gun while patrolling. But he decided to give the pilot of the F-35 fighter jet during the Water Follies Air Show a pass.

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