Racing across the finish line in the final heat of the 2017 Columbia Cup, the U-12 Graham Trucking driver and team took home the trophy this year. Officials say the U-3 Grigg’s Ace Hardware finished second, the defending champion U-1 Miss HomeStreet was third, and the U-9 Les Schwab Tires was fourth.

H-1 Unlimited said in a press release that as the boats started Jimmy King in the Grigg’s Ace Hardware took the inside lane, but winning driver J. Michael Kelly said he and his crew chief developed a plan not to contest for the inside lane right away. Officials say he was able to beat all the other drivers at the first turn and held the lead to victory.

The Grigg's Ace Hardware boat ended up battling for runner up with Jimmy Shane in the Miss HomeStreet, but the Grigg's hydroplane ended up coming in second place.

“It’s pretty cool to win from the outside, especially when we’ve been trying to find speed all week long,” Kelly said in a statement. “It’s amazing. I’m so grateful. I’m a lucky guy who gets to go 200 miles per hour on the water.”

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