Visitors of beaches along the Columbia River shoreline are asked to watch out for certain yellow signs.

The signs reading "Warning Toxic Algae Present" have been spotted at Howard Amon Park in Richland.

The Benton Franklin Health District say algae toxins detected in these areas are above recreational guidelines.

Swimming in or swallowing water containing Anatoxin-a could have harmful effects, such as stomach pain, headaches, vomiting or neurological symptoms (including muscle weakness or dizziness), or can be fatal.

Higher concentrations of algae are not only hazardous to people, especially children, but pets as well.

Two years ago, the shoreline was closed from Howard Amon Park to the confluence of the Yakima River.

Four dogs died as a result of exposure or consumption of Anatoxin-a from high concentrations of algae. Additional dogs fell ill.

After ingestion, symptoms began to appear within 15-20 minutes. Much depends on how much is ingested and the size of the animal or person.

The Health District will continue to test the water and post updates about the most recent warning on its website.

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