OLYMPIA, Wash. - Sunday is supposed to be the final day of the Washington State Legislative session in Olympia, but several key hurdles must still be cleared, including passing a new two-year-operating budget.

"We have heard that special sessions pop up the last couple of days, potentially finishing up the rest of this year, whether it's tied to transportation or whether it's tied to some of the operating budget," says Republican State Senator Perry Dozier of the 16th District

He adds the transportation budget will be a heavy lift, given several climate-related bills are attached to it.

"That's going to be like low-carbon fuel raising the price of gas, and capital gains tax and what it's going to do to businesses that we have within this state. They may be looking at ways to get out of this state and do business elsewhere, that's going to hurt."

A special session could be called to stretch their schedule into next week if they don't pass those items.

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