More ballots were counted on Wednesday from the general election however no races or issues changed. Here's the results from the latest count. More ballots will be counted each afternoon until the election is certified later this month. The auditors office expects to count 16,500 more ballots. Turnout is now about 45.7%.

Yakima County Commissioner District 1

Amanda Mckinney....68.89%

Angie Girard....31.11%

District 2

Kyle Curtis...58.67%

Dulce Gutierrez...41.33%

District 3

Ladon Linde...53.29%

Steve Saunders...46.71%

Yakima County Clerk

Billie Maggard...59.26%

Mischa Venables...40.74%

Yakima County Coroner

Jim Curtice...77.34%

Marshall Slight...22.66%

Yakima County
Proposition No. 1 EMS levy...




City of Selah
Proposition No. 1 NEEDS 60% MAJORITY TO PASS




For more results in Yakima County


For more results statewide

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