Another huge hit for Boeing, as their new Starliner has left astronauts stranded at the International Space Station. NASA and Boeing engineers are troubleshooting issues with the Starliner spacecraft, with only 45 days of time left before the return window closes. The spacecraft, docked at the ISS, has experienced numerous hardware faults, including five helium leaks and thruster failures. Once again, it's not a good look for Boeing.

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Third Extension

Originally scheduled to return on June 13, NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams are now stranded on the ISS, with their stay extended indefinitely until at least June 26. This marks the third extension as ground teams race to resolve the issues.

The Starliner

The Starliner, which launched on its first crewed mission on June 5, encountered problems during its 25-hour flight to the ISS. NASA has postponed the astronauts' return to provide engineers additional time to troubleshoot and ensure the spacecraft's safe operation.

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