In response to escalating drought conditions, the Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) has announced a mandatory watering schedule set to commence on July 7th, affecting thousands of residents throughout the district. This decision comes as a proactive measure to manage dwindling water resources and ensure equitable distribution during the critical irrigation season. 


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Why the Change? 

The move from a voluntary to a mandatory watering schedule is driven by the significant strain on water availability due to ongoing drought conditions in the region. According to KID officials, the Yakima River, which supplies water to the district, is experiencing reduced flow, necessitating careful management to sustain agricultural and residential needs. 

Details of the Schedule 

Under the new guidelines, residents will be assigned specific days and times based on the last digit of their property address. This structured approach aims to alleviate pressure on the irrigation system, preventing spikes in demand that could overwhelm the available water supply. 

Morning and evening slots have been allocated across the week to evenly distribute water usage and maintain consistent canal levels. Drip irrigation systems and hose watering remain exempt from the schedule, encouraging efficient water use practices among residents. 

Community Response 

While I acknowledge the necessity of conservation measures, I, for one, feel I should be compensated a little. My area is typically the last to receive water and the first to be shut off. If the main pipe into my yard breaks, it becomes my problem, and the assistance provided by KID is less than helpful. Therefore, I believe there should be a lowered rate if I'm unable to use the water I am paying for. I believe I would save money if I were permitted to use the house hose, but unfortunately, we are stuck with the system KID is running in Kennewick. Regardless, that's just my opinion. However, I understand KID argues they charge a set amount to provide in a timely manner. 


Looking Ahead 

KID reassures customers that updates and further guidance will be provided as the water situation evolves. The district urges continued cooperation from residents in adhering to the watering schedule to ensure sustainable water usage throughout the summer months. 

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