(Olympia, WA) -- Washington's Public Schools Chief says he wants a lot more money to go to teachers' paychecks. State Superintendent Chris Reykdal outlined a budget proposal to support Washington’s educators and reduce turnover. OSPI’s proposal would provide a one-time, $10,000 hiring bonus to special education teachers; a one-time, $5,000 hiring bonus to instructional and administrative staff at eligible high-poverty schools; and annual bonuses for teachers and para educators endorsed in dual language and working in dual language education programs.

OSPI's plan would also provide a 6% increase to base salaries for all school employees and would lower the maximum regionalization factor from 18% to 12% and assign these factors by county, instead of by school district.

Finally, to more accurately cover the salary costs of educators who are more experienced or who hold advanced degrees, OSPI’s proposal would expand eligibility for the experience factor to districts whose educators have more experience or have more advanced degrees, instead of both.

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