(Moses Lake, WA) -- One suspect is caught, another is on the run after police in Moses Lake say they catch a suspect in the act, stealing a catalytic converter. The officers who found 39-year-old Kurtis Larson-Tungate were on routine foot patrol when they sighted the suspect actually removing the device from the vehicle. A second suspect was able to get away and now police are trying to see who they are.

Police Describe this as an "Epidemic"

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The Moses Lake Police Department has been conducting extra patrols specifically looking for catalytic converters. They note, in a Facebook post, that this type of crime is difficult to stop while it's in progress. The patrols though, appear to be paying off as this is the second suspected catalytic converter theft suspect contacted by officers in the last four days. The department describes thefts of the catalytic converters as reaching epidemic levels both in Moses Lake and statewide. The police add they've committed significant resources to the problem

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