In an announcement that surprised many across the state Thursday, several Democratic legislators in Olympia said there appears to be enough support for the legislature to pass half of the six Let's Go WA Initiatives into law next week.

  Let's Go WA had six initiatives certified by the state, will be on ballot in November

According to The Center Square, the three Initiatives that are slated for hearings next week, are the three that legislators think could pass.

Senator Mark Mullet said he believes there is enough support from his party to pass the following Initiatives: (according to The Center Square):

"Initiative 2081 to establish a parental bill of rights relating to their children’s public school education, Initiative 2111 to prohibit state and local governments from enacting a personal income tax, and Initiative 2113 to remove certain restrictions on when police officers may engage in vehicular pursuits."

These are slated for hearings next week on February 27th and 28th. According to GOP Senator Perry Dozier, of the hundreds of people who signed up to testify at the hearings (not all of them will be able to) over 96 percent support all 3 Initiatives.

When citizen initiatives are certified and qualify for the ballot, the legislature can A) ignore them and let them go to voters, B) prepare their own version of the Initiative that also lands on the ballot or C) vote them into law as is.

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Regardless of what action they take however, the legislature is legally mandated to hold hearings on all of them. However, the Democrat-controlled legislature has not chosen to hold hearings on Initiative 2109,. which would repeal the capital gains tax; Initiative 2117 which would repeal the Climate Commitment Act (carbon tax) and Initiative 2124 which would allow anyone at any time to opt out of the Long Term Care (WA CARES) Plan--and therefore not have to pay taxes into it.

Those will apparently be decided by the voters in November.

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