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You may not know that for some time, there's an ongoing trial in Washington D.C. against the world's largest search engine company, and some say, online presence, Google.

Microsoft CEO accuses Google of unfair practices

The CEO of the Pacific Northwest-based computer giant, Satya Nadella, testified Monday as part of the U.S. Justice Department's anti-trust lawsuit against Google's parent company, Alphabet. According to the AP and

"The Justice Department alleges Google has abused the dominance of its ubiquitous search engine to throttle competition and innovation at the expense of consumers, allegations that echo a similar case brought against Microsoft in the late 1990s."

Nadella took it a step further and claimed over the years Google has spent billions and made deals with computer, laptop, and cellphone manufacturers to ensure that their product is the default search engine that comes with the digital equipment.

Years ago Microsoft was accused of designing its software and programs to block or wall out competitors' programs or applications. Google was able to take advantage of certain restrictions placed on Microsoft after that litigation and build the world's largest search engine, while Microsoft was somewhat hampered by the lawsuit limitations.

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Under Nadella, Microsoft has seen its value skyrocket since 2014 and he's been one of the most successful CEO's in company history.  However, despite massive investments, Microsoft's challenger to Google, Bing, is a distant second in the search engine market.

According to multiple sources, the government's lawsuit against Google is focused on its deals with Apple and other smartphone and computer manufacturers to ensure theirs is the default browser or search engine on these devices.

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