The incident occurred December 26th but now we have a full report.

Two Grant County Sheriff's Patrol Cars involved in crash

Around 4:30 PM two GCSO patrol units were headed south on SR 17 towards McConihe Road to assist the Washington State Patrol with a fatal car vs. pedestrian accident.

Reserve Deputy Rob Harris was in one car, Corporal Jason McDonnell was in the other. Harris was in the lead, and as they approached the intersection with Northlake Road, he slowed down to position his car to block the highway.

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The GCSO says the collision occurred between the two vehicles, McDonnell's car left the highway, traveled about 300 feet after knocking down a light pole, and came to a stop back on the SR 17.  He did not sustain any injuries and was not transported.

Harris's car was also totaled, and he sustained non-life-threatening injuries. He was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital for evaluation. The Moses Lake Police Department is in charge of the accident investigation, after which their report will be given to a review board to decide what actions will be taken next.

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