A trio of new gun laws is being pushed by State House and Senate Democrats, and Eastern WA Sheriffs are responding.

   Bills would require registries, allow lawsuits vs gun makers, and more

Perhaps the most aggressive assault on 2nd Amendment rights is being proposed in Olympia this legislative session. Three bills have been introduced and they are:

  • HB (House Bill) 1143  which would require special permits to buy guns, including fingerprints and a medical history waiver.
  • SB (Senate Bill) 5078 which would allow lawsuits against gun manufacturers and dealers stemming from the actions of criminals (who commit a crime using a firearm).
  • SB (Senate Bill) 5193 which is an "assault" weapons ban. This would outright ban the sale of dozens of types of semi-automatic weapons, such as the AR-15

Several Eastern WA Sheriffs have publicly issued statements regarding these proposals, by sharing a letter sent to the legislature and Gov. Inslee from the Washington State Sheriff's Association.  The letter said in part:

  "Restrictions that shift focus from offenders to law-abiding citizens send the wrong message and erode constitutional guarantees upheld by the United State Supreme Court."

The letter also says:

  "The Governor's legislation is also inconsistent with Article 1 Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution which mirrors the Federal Language of the Second Amendment."

Some of the Sheriffs who have shared it or publicly stood by this letter already include Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond, Adams County Sheriff Dale Wagoner, and Kittitas County Sheriff Clay Meyers (Sheriffs Association President)

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