The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released its Crop Progress and Condition report for the Pacific Northwest region for March 2024. We've summarized the report below.

Idaho Crop Progress and Conditions:

  • Temperatures were above normal in northern ID, and below normal in southern ID.
  • Average crop conditions were reported in Elmore and Owyhee; buds are present but without leaf break.
  • Spring cereals and sugarbeets are planted in Jerome, Twin Falls. Adequate irrigation water is available. Heavy vole damage was reported.
  • Due to a lack of sub-freezing temperatures, weed and pests are adding additional pressure in parts of the state.
  • Fields were too wet to work in Bonneville and Madison. Some light flooding and rising temperatures in Bannock, Bingham, and Butte.
  • Snow cover in Clark, Fremont, and Madison.
  • Livestock conditions are good with a milder calving season.

Oregon Crop Progress and Conditions:

  • Temperatures were average or above average. Reduced precipitation aided fieldwork in some counties.
  • Winter damage to crops and fields was reported as minimal.
  • Calving season is ending; lambing season is beginning. Livestock conditions are promising.
  • Operations in Hood River, Sherman, Gilliam, Wasco, and Wheeler are being checked for cold weather damage, stripe rust, and other plant diseases.
  • Umatilla reporting dry conditions with insufficient moisture for dryland crops.

Washington Crop Progress and Conditions:

  • Early spring for Western Washington. Fields remained wet. Many brassicas were killed from a cold snap.
  • Temperatures were above normal in Central Washington. Fields drying and nearly ready for fieldwork; native grasses greening up.
  • Yakima Valley saw low river and stream levels. Hop yards strung, vegetable fields ready for planting. Orchards received insecticides and other treatments for insects. Cherry blossoms are bright, apricots have a weak bloom.
  • East Central Washington saw moderate spring weather with some rain.
  • Northeastern Washington saw higher temperatures but little rain.
  • Southeast Washington had continued dry conditions with light snowpack.

You can read more in-depth details in the full NASS Northwest Report.

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