In September of 2013, KORD was on a massive search for a new morning show host. Hundreds of applications flooded in from radio DJs around the country - not surprising since KORD is known in the radio business as a legendary Country station and having those call letters on a resume carries weight.

Over the years, the best in the business have opened the KORD microphone at 2621 West A Street in Pasco. And, Steve Woods a.k.a. “Woody” is one of those. Before arriving at KORD Woody’s resume included stops at some of America’s biggest markets – Orlando and Detroit to name a few.

The minute I heard a recording of Woody, I knew he had to come to work for KORD - we needed someone who would carry the Country music torch in Tri-Cities - and after some negotiating and a market visit, Woody became part of the KORD family in October 2013.

It was a natural move for Woody, he was working in Alaska at the time but his high school sweetheart, Deanna, was living in Richland. So, when Woody accepted the job at KORD, their love story had come full circle – they were together in Tri-Cities (Deanna's hometown). They both had been previously married and divorced before they found each other again. They have been happily married and in love for 19 years now. Woody’s longtime co-host, Janis Clardy put it this way, “they are the true example of a beautiful love story”.

Sadly, Woody and Deanna’s love story will eventually come to an end. A little over a year ago, Deanna was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. Initially, she was given 3 months to live, but thanks to new treatments her life continues to be extended. She hasn’t been able to work and what was once a two-income family has now become one-income with medical expenses piling up quickly.

Woody has given so much to our community – mostly with smiles and laughter for thousands of mornings on KORD. And now we’re asking for your support and help as we give back by supporting Woody and Deanna with some much-needed financial support. Please, if you can, donate today - any amount is helpful. If you’re unable to help monetarily, please pass along the Go Fund Me page to your friends and family. God bless you, Deanna and Steve.

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