The stress of everyday life can start to wear and tear on your nerves and your mental health. Many people in Washington have discovered a couple of places they are calling their sanctuary. There are 2 places, in fact, where you can find a little bit of heaven in Washington state. If you have been to either one of these places, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Don't take my word for it. Take the word of those who have actually been there and loved it so much, they had to share it with the world on Reddit.

Find A Little Piece of Heaven in These 2 Places in WA



Lake Diablo: Camp and Kayak

Lake Diablo, WA

Located near the Cascade Mountains.

You can camp out here or take your inflatable boats and chillax on the waters of Diablo Lake. You can also swim here if you like your water freezing. The views of the blue waters are breathtaking.

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Dyes Inlet

Dyes Inlet, WA

Located near Silverdale in Western Washington.

This part of Washington is nestled in the Puget Sound region. It's gorgeous out here and very relaxing. You truly can feel like you have gotten away from the rest of the world when you visit this part of the state. The coast just does something soothing to the soul, and if you're lucky, you might see some whales nearby!


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@heatherjamesson Lucky I live here! WA is my favorite place to be in Spring & Summer. It doesn't get any prettier. #silverdalewashington #dyesinlet #beauitfuloutdoors #pnw #wa ♬ Theme from "Twilight (Bella's Lullaby)" - Movie Sounds Unlimited


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