A Chelan County Sheriff’s Office deputy witnessed a dumpster fire at Prey’s Fruit Stand in Leavenworth Thursday night.

Around 8:30 p.m., both Chelan County Sheriff’s Office and Washington State Patrol were called out to a man allegedly throwing trash onto US.

The arson suspect is an Everett man in his 30’s.

Chelan County Sgt. Lee Risdon said they have probable cause that this man was also involved in a cabin burglary that same day.

Earlier on Thursday morning, four women staying at a cabin in Plain reported that a man broke into their cabin and stole some of their things.

They unknowingly left their back door unlocked, which is how the suspect entered the premises.

Officers believe him to be the burglary suspect due to finding stolen items on him during his arrest. They also found the suspect’s vehicle abandoned at the Plain Hardware store parking lot, close to the cabin that was robbed.

Shortly after getting arrested, the suspect  kicked out the rear window of a Washington State Patrol car and escaped from the backseat.

He has been charged with suspected burglary, arson, and eluding the authorities.

Sgt. Lee Risdon believes the suspect was suffering from a mental breakdown or general mental health issues.

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