USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says there was considerable improvement in the U.S. drought monitor during the month of November.  He noted between November 1st and the end of the month, drought coverage dropped 5.3 percentage points to 57% of the country being categorized as dry our drought.


“Our drought peak in November that 62.78% of the country that represents the highest U.S.  drought coverage since October 2012.


“We decreased from a record high coverage on November 1st 85.3% of the country either dry or in drought and then saw a decrease to 79.8% by November 29th that is a decrease of 5.5 percentage points,” Rippey continued.


As far as Northwest numbers are concerned, very little change has been reported as of recent: 

  • 94% of Washington is considered dry or under a drought designation. 
  • 99% of Idaho is dry or under a drought designation, with the driest conditions in the southern 2/3s of the state 
  • 94% of Oregon is considered at least dry, with extreme and exceptional drought designations remaining in the central portion of the state. 


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