Earlier this week, the Washington Senate approved two bills that focus on crop protection products.  Senate Bill 5143, which received a 49-0 vote in the Senate, would change the name and membership of the Commission on Pesticide Registration, adding a non-voting member from the Pacific Northwest EPA region.


In addition, the Senate also unanimously voted in favor of Senate Bill 5330, making changes to the Washington Pesticide Application Act.  The legislation, requested by the Washington Department of Agriculture, would allow the WSDA director to suspend or revoke a license or certification based on decisions made by another jurisdiction under certain conditions.  It also would remove the requirement that applicants be at least 16 years old on the date the application is submitted and would add a requirement that WSDA adopt standards for pesticide applications made by noncertified individuals.


“This bill is critical to the safety and well-being of both the user and those living in the general vicinity of the widespread use of crop-protection products,” said Pasco Republican Senator Nikki Torres. “It is the first step in implementing Washington’s EPA-approved plan to ensure that pesticides are used safely, with minimal negative impacts to health and the environment.”


Both measures are now in the House of Representatives, awaiting that chamber’s consideration.


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