The 28-year-old suspect in the Badger Mountain Road murder case will not be allowed to represent himself at trial. 

Dalton Scott Potter is charged in Douglas County Superior Court with 13 felonies, including first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder. 

He asked the court for at least the second time Tuesday to let him represent himself instead of his public defender. 

Court Commissioner Philip Safar, who is overseeing the case, denied Potter's request after questioning his reasoning. 

Potter said he did not feel comfortable answering any questions about his charges or his trial when Safer asked about his self-defense. 

When Safer asked how he would defend himself, Potter said he would need to access a law library. On further inquiry, Potter reiterated he was not comfortable answering questions until he had access to a law library. 

Prosecuting attorney J. Gordon Edgar also filed document Tuesday, saying Potter should continue to be represented by the public defender because his scattered comments about representation during pre-trial demonstrates his lack of understanding of the consequences. 

Potter reiterated he thought he was being misrepresented by public defender Jesse Collins. Safer confirmed Collins would continue to represent him. 

Meanwhile, prosecutor Edgar is asking the court to admit into the trial statements Potter made to officers at the time of his arrest. 

Safer did not make a decision on whether he would allow the move. 

Potter has a readiness hearing scheduled for April 18. 

He's charged with First Degree Murder in the death of his former girlfriend, 37-year-old Alyssa Longwell, who was shot to death on Badger Mountain Road.  

He also faces two counts of attempted first degree murder for allegedly shooting at witnesses to the killing.  

Potter is being held at the Chelan County jail on $3 million bail. 

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