Greater Idaho map (with permission Greater Idaho Movement)
Greater Idaho map (with permission Greater Idaho Movement)

There is still a long way to go, but as we reported earlier this week, the Great Idaho Movement keeps chugging and inching along.

  Wallowa County voters will decide if they wish to join Idaho, coming in May

The Greater Idaho Movement, which began to pick up steam a couple of years ago, is an effort to allow up to 15 Eastern and Southern Oregon counties to join the state of Idaho, by moving the border.

Citing philosophical, political, societal, and even ethical issues, Eastern Oregon residents are frustrated with Western Oregon, namely the Portland metro area.

   The process would require approval of the Oregon legislature, then Congress

It began with each county having to vote on a measure or proposal of moving to Idaho. So far 11 counties have overwhelmingly done so. They include Sherman, Morrow, Jefferson, Wheeler, Grant, Union, Baker, Klamath, Lake, Harney, and Malheur.

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 Umatilla has yet to take up the issue. According to the Greater Idaho Movement website from last November, Umatilla County Commissioners have not yet agreed to put an advisory vote on any upcoming ballot about the proposal.

Now Wallowa County voters will decide in May of this year, either voting for or against Measure 32-007.  Last November, Morrow County voters overwhelmingly passed it.

 Wallowa is the northeasternmost county in Oregon, with a total county population of just over 7,700. Enterprise is the county seat, and the other notable town is Joseph.

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