Algae bloom (Benton Franklin Health District)
Algae bloom (Benton Franklin Health District)









The Grant County Health Department (GCHD) has issued a toxic algae bloom warning for part of Potholes Reservoir.

 Algae bloom located near Perch Point

The GCHD issued the warning Thursday, saying a suspected cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae bloom, has been located near the Perch Point Camping area in the lake. It's also known as Medicare Beach.


Grant County Health
Grant County Health













The levels found in the water are noticeably above what the WA State Health Department considers to be safe for recreation.

According to the GCHD:

"It is possible that blue green algae may be present in other parts of Potholes Reservoir. Blue green algae blooms are common in the summer due to warm water and abundant nutrients that can cause algae to grow more rapidly than usual."

The department issued the following warnings to those who are planning to recreate in the area:

  • Don't swim in areas with scum or tinged water
  • Don't drink any of the lake water
  • If you are fishing, clean the fish thoroughly and be sure to discard the guts
  • Keep pets and animals away from the water, algae blooms are very toxic to animals.
  • When boating, steer clear of visible areas of scum on the water.

Additional information about algae blooms in Grant County can be found by clicking here.

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