A 15-year-old Peshastin boy faces charges after being accused of hitting and kicking his 12-year-old brother and then holding a standoff with deputies. 

Chelan County deputies were called to a home in the 7000 block of U.S Highway 97 after the teenager's legal guardian called in to report the alleged assault. 

Deputies say the boy barricaded himself in a bathroom when they arrived, and then retreated to a bedroom after they fired a non-lethal pepper ball irritant powder toward him. 

Sheriff's Office Captain Chris Foreman says the East Cascades Swat Team was called when the boy pointed a hunting rifle out of a window in the house. 

"He kept grabbing different weapons to include knives, a hammer, a bat and was seen walking around the residence," said Foreman. "He eventually did give up and came out, and was taken into custody." 

Foreman says the boy surrendered before the swat team arrived,

The boy is charged with 1st Degree Assault for pointing the gun a deputies, as well as Assault for attacking his brother and Resisting Arrest. 

The incident took place on Friday, Nov. 25. 

In addition, deputies say the boy had a previous run-in with them.  

Foreman says deputies tried to take the boy into juvenile detention on Nov. 11 after his legal guardian reported him as a runaway risk, but the boy resisted with a weapon. 

"He had a knife on his person and pulled it out," Foreman said. "Basically, they were going to have a confrontation with him. And so, they decided that since it was just as a runaway and not a warrant for his arrest, that he was able to continue to go on his way because it would have forced the issue." 

The boy was later taken into juvenile detention on Nov. 23 after prosecutors called for his arrest. He was released the next day. 

The extent of injuries to his little brother from the alleged assault are not fully known.

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