The more the Left in Washington speak about "assault weapon" bans, the more they look ignorant.

The big push to ban guns, spearheaded by Washington Attorney's General, Bob Ferguson, and Gov. Jay Inslee, has exposed Washington Democrats as a knee-jerk, uneducated and overly emotional group of people who have no right making laws to govern us.

The more information that comes out about the supposed "assault weapon" ban, the more we can see that it is just a list of demands created by groups and think tanks meant to strip law abiding citizens of the God given right to self-defense.

One of the more hilarious aspects of this bill is the banning of any rife with a barrel shorter than 30 inches. This might sound like a good idea if you know nothing about rifles. A 30 inch barrel option for and rifle is as rare a sight as a cryptid.  There are almost no modern sporting rifles with a 30 inch barrel option. Guns with this option are either incredibly rare, antiques, or ridiculous custom orders. The vast majority of barrels offered range from 16 to 26 inches. That is considered the industry standard.

Another hilarious facet of this misguided legislation is the section which would make a threaded barrel illegal. It seems our friends on the Left have watched too many action movies. The reasoning behind banning threaded barrels is to prevent someone from installing a suppressor, or a "silencer" as the uneducated call them. Democrats in Washington seem to believe that a suppressor makes a weapon more deadly as it introduces an element of stealth into a public shooting. They couldn't be more wrong. Suppressors, other than being extremely expensive and involving a ton of paperwork, are only used for hearing protection. Nothing about a suppressor makes the weapon more deadly.

Democrats in the Washington Legislature also believe that a fore grip will increase the accuracy and lethal abilities of a rifle. They plan on banning any kind of fore grip, as well as any kind of heat shield for a barrel. I guess they figure the perpetrator of a public shooting won't be able to kill as many innocent people if the barrel gets too hot...or something like that. Again, they couldn't be more incorrect incorrect. These grips and heat shields merely protect the hands of shooters, as a barrel can get very hot after just a few rounds are fired from the weapon. They have nothing to do with shooting innocent people, nor the accuracy of a rifle. I could just as easily stabilize a rifle by placing my hand by the magazine.

A beautiful nugget of information was also recently released by the Left in Olympia... the list of the specific guns they wish to ban. A cursory glance at the list shows, again, that they are completely clueless about what they are pretending to be experts in. The list is comprised of many of the most popular sporting rifles sold around the world. However, that list also excludes many rifles made by the exact same companies that have near identical stats and features as the ones listed. Their handlers clearly just gave them a list of "scary" guns to make an example of. Very lazy.

Lastly, outright antiques such as the SKS and M1A, are also going to be banned. Who even buys an SKS anymore? They were the 1980's cheaper than dirt special, hold less than 10 rounds, and were near immediately considered antiquated after their introduction. They were outpaced by the AK-47, and swiftly delegated to secondary and tertiary communist fighters, like the Koreans and Chinese.

However, despite the laughable attempt by Washington Democrats to seem educated, informed and in charge... they are far from that in reality; a million miles off target. Bills such as these are being destroyed every month in federal courts across the country thanks to efforts by the GOA, the FPC and the SAF. From California's magazine ban, to the soon to be defunct Oregon gun ban, these laws are being shown as unconstitutional across the nation. More states have constitutional carry laws than have restrictive "assault weapon" bans, and are growing in number every day.

The Left also like to bang their chests about the NRA. To that, I say continue forth. We gun advocates know who does the real work and who's there just for target practice from the Left. The more they yell about the NRA, the more we know that they don't know what they are talking about.

With that being said, allow me to deliver my message to the tyrants and ignoramuses on the Left in the Washington Legislature: Seethe and Cope. You've already lost the battle... you just don't know it yet.

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