I make it a habit not to make any u-turns unless I absolutely have to.

This likely has something to do with me always seeing those "No U-turn" signs on I-90. They have a bunch of those signs right where I need them the most, namely, on the medians on I-90 when I'm about to run out of gas and the nearest gas station is dozens of miles away!

I know, I know, u-turns on the interstate are only allowed for police and emergency vehicles.

U-Turn Laverne

I grew up in Nashville and paid special attention to the radio traffic reports on Y-107 from a lady named U-Turn Laverne. I've always wondered if her real name was Laverne!

Speaking of u-turns, there are a bunch of u-turn signs in Sea-Tac. I know this personally because I always get lost trying to find my way to the Seattle International Airport when I take the residential roads instead of I-5. You will see a ton of those signs on International Blvd (Hwy 99).

What are the rules of the road for U-turns on residential streets if there isn't a no u-turn sign (and should the word u-turn be CAPITALIZED)?

"No, the word "U-turn" is not capitalized unless it is at the beginning of a sentence." - Some random grammar police person on the internet


Is It Legal to Make a U-Turn in Washington If There Is No Sign?

Are U-Turns Legal in Washington State If There Is No Sign

Washington state law says it's okay to make a u-turn if there isn't a sign telling you not to.

RCW 46.61.295 says you can pop a U-ey if it is safe to do so and you aren't obstructing traffic in either direction. The law also says something about not making a u-turn within 500 feet of another driver if you're going up hill or near an incline in the road.


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