(Yakima, WA) -- One teenager is now dead, and another still hospitalized after being shot outside Zaepfel Stadium near Eisenhower high school in Yakima. Police say the 16-year-old and 18-year-old were shot in the school parking lot during an altercation around 3 p.m. Monday. The 16-year-old reportedly died at the hospital, and was later identified as Shawn Tolbert. The 18-year-old was in serious condition. Both victims are students.

Investigators say Tolbert was intending to fight the 18-year-old. His cousin, who is 15-year-old, showed up with a firearm. The cousin then accidentally shot his own family member. A bullet hit the the 18-year-old in the wrist also. The 15-year-old has since been arrested on multiple charges.

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